Important: Disclaimer

This is not a validated clinical tool. For an evaluation of this tool, please see the references.

This tool should only be used in approved studies.

Before you begin

You should not use this service unless you have been instructed to do so by a clinician involved in your healthcare.

You should make sure that you know which version of the assessment aid your healthcare staff have asked you to download.

If you have been asked to download the symbol assessment aid, the person using the assessment aid should practice the symbols using this document.

Printing the chart

While you are printing the chart, make sure to select “Full Size” or “100%” in the print settings dialogue. If you need help with this, you should contact your healthcare team, or print the chart and check the sizing is correct using the instructions below.

After you have printed the chart, you must:

  1. Check the chart size is correct by placing a bank card in the box on the second page. If you can hide the grey box but still see all of the black outline, the size is correct. If the size is incorrect, you will need to adjust the scaling options while printing.
  2. Fix this chart to a wall using a non-damaging adhesive, at about eye level.
  3. Stand 150 cm (1.5 m or about 5 feet) away from the chart. (Use the string provided to measure this distance).
  4. Follow the instructions given by the clinician on the telephone.


You need to answer 3 questions in order to obtain a download. Your healthcare team should have provided you with the required answer to these questions.

Choose a download

Can the person using the assessment aid read and identify English letters?